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[MOL] Work around your current job.


Everyday we hear of businesses that come and go. 
I am helping to lead up the expansion of a well know, 20 year old 
International Company recently featured in "Business Weekly".

I am seeking 10 key individuals who are focused on 
self-development and who may be open to reviewing a new business 
venture. I'm not looking for 100's of people in my downline, just 
those who are serious and tired of all the MLM B.S.  All that is 
required is for you to call our number and complete your next 
step in this screening process. Just request your free materials 
that will get you started. Then the rest is up to you.

- Learn How To Earn $30,000.00 extra income each year, from just 
one extra hour per day.
- Learn the success secrets of the man voted "Entrepreneur of the 

Who do you know who needs an extra $500 to $1,500 this month?
Can you use an extra $30,000 this year?
You don't need any special skills or education level to succeed.
Any one can qualify.
Work around your current job.
No commute or rush hour traffic.
Be your own boss with no employees.

Learn how ordinary people and burned out Networkers from all 
walks of life use our International Success System to become 

Your life is about to change.  Now call to get your copy of our 

Call 1-614-341-7188  24 hours a day for a recorded message.

Bi-lingual is a plus.
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