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[MOL] Joy: herb patches

Hi Joy
This is PJ.  I'm the one who sent our sweet Kathy HERB PATCHES for her 

I have severe sciacitica and for that reason I've used the patches.

I purchase mine patches at the local chinese grocer or if you have a chinese 
grocer or chinese store near you you can ask them for it.

All of the mine chinese markets in my area carry them.
I use 2 kinds of patches:

---Plaster for Bruise and Analgesic: this is in a chinese cannister.  The 
rest of the writing is in chinese (very expensive but you get alot in the 

--- NGOR MESAN: Herbal Plaster: 5 plaster to a small box: costs $1-$2 per box.

THey both are great for shoulder pain or sciaicitca or anything you might 
feel sore with.
They smell a bit but the smell wears off.  You wear them for about 24 hours.  
They are about 3 x 3 inches wide)

My mom has colon  cancer and she suffers from sciacitca now and swears by 
these patches.

I live on Long Island so there are alot of places to purchase these patches. 
(including China Town in the city).

Good Luck to you and WELCOME ABOARD.

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