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Re: [MOL] Tests called near on turmor-starvomg drug!

    Have two oncologists I'm working with at MDA:  Craig Stevens and Roy Herbst.  Won't be in the endostatin trial unless there's a recurrence.  That's how I happen to know abut it.  Dr. Herbst told me (last April) that should I have a recurrence they would probably have an anti-angiogenesis trial going by the Fall when I might need it.  He confirmed that they are starting with the endostatin in November when I went back for my "checkout" last week.  I'm on 3-month recalls at MDA at this point.  Going down there at the end of September for their Living Fully with Cancer conference -- by the way.
Mary -- NV
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Date: Friday, July 30, 1999 3:53 AM
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Mary, thank you so much for letting us know about the trial.  It came just in the nick of time, I have a friend leaving for MD Anderson today and this is exactly the animunition she needed.  How can I ever thank you enough and by the way, welcome to our wonderful forum.  Your friend, lillian
     MD Anderson is also in the planning stages for an endostatin trial -- Probably November.