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[MOL] Deb

Hi Deb

Yes I agree with you about the kids waking up for camp.
My son is going for 8 total weeks and we are in the 4 1/2 week now.  He is 
now getting up without any hassel and gives us no problem with breakfast when 
he has to finish it right away.
I'm sure you know with your kids that meal times are crazy...you have to 
practically beg them to sit still and finish everything.
I love it when he comes home and tells me his day.
He made me a beautiful fish pin and I'm wearing it. 
I have tried to contact the other parents in his group but they all seem to 
be busy. I would love all the kids to get together and play. 
I guess alot of the mothers are leary but hopefull they will come around. I'm 
willing to pick them up and drop off.  My son is begging for them to come 
over and play on a play date.

Right now he is driving me crazy about eating. I'm telling him he needs to 
wait for Dad to come home. 
We try to wait for Dad on Fridays because he comes home between 5-6:30.
During hte week my husband comes home around 8:00.  He is a financial advisor 
and his clients usually call him after they end their own day.

As for the weather, I'm dealing with it as best as I could. I'm getting 
bigger and the morning sickness is still there.
Okay sweetie I'm sure we'll exchange more family stories.
Gotta go and do some cooking.
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