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[MOL] Betty: re Gemzar

Hi Betty
Good Morning to you.

I don't know the dosage mom gets. I only know it's every Wednesday for 3 
weeks then the Onc visit and maybe a week off.  She does receive Kytril 
(spelling) before the chemo.
I'll certainly ask for you what hers is.
I know mom's White and Reds were a tiny low this week also somewhere around 
3.5 or 4.0.
Mom was concerned about that but she is keeping a good frame of mind.
Her platelets were a tiny low 240.
But she is constantly praying and taking good care of her.
I miss her so much you have no idea.  It's already been 5 weeks since I 
haven't seen her and it's getting to me a little. I'm hoping to see her at 
the end of August for just a few days.  My son starts pre-k in Sept so we 
need to be home for that.
I know the Month of August is hard for her because all of our birthday are in 
AUgust and she won't see  us for them.  But we will send her a video surprise 
and show her my belly and how big my son has gottne in 5 weeks.

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