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Re: [MOL] Something Cute..../PJ REPLY


That's great if the Dogs are benefiting from the herbs.

Sorry no web site for me at the present maybe in the future.  I quess my time 
is heading in other direction, shopping for a home, part=time job and taking 
care of this little one inside of me.
That's enough for now...........
Maybe if my hubby has time he is the best one to write about the herbs.  He 
is well versed in the herbs....he has dealt with them longer and is a better 
writer than I.

But my heart and soul are fully into herbs.  My mom would not be here today 
if it weren't for the herbs.  All her doctors are astonished by her 
tumor/mass staying exactly the same as it was.  Mom's immune system is strong 
and thriving.

Today mom is going to her ONC for a checkup.  PLEASE SAY A PRAYER.


Good Luck to you.

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