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[MOL] Old age is reversed 10 to 20 years

Incredible New Anti-Aging Program -- 90-day, 100-percent 
Satisfaction Guarantee

Incredible Business Opportunity -- Guaranteed Success
Using Our FREE Pre-Qualified Leads

A new scientific healthcare breakthrough makes reversing aging 
possible. You can turn back the biological clock 10 to 20 years 
and keep it there. Look and feel 10 to 20 years younger and enjoy 
a more vital lifestyle -- right now.

171 million baby boomers are just turning 50 and they want to 
turn back the clock, look younger, feel better and live longer. 
Don't you? Documentation beats conversation anytime. Click here 
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Our 30-day renewal program not only makes you younger, it 
rebuilds you immune system to that of a 20 or 30 year old adult 
so you can better defend yourself against major fatal diseases 
like cancer, heart disease, stroke and others. Did you know that 
a 50-year-old male has a 35 percent chance of dying before his 
60th birthday? They all need to take action immediately to tip 
the odds in their favor.

There is no single miracle that can accomplish the goal of 
reversing the aging process. A complete program is required. In 
the past the cost of those comprehensive programs have been out 
of the reach of the average American. Click here -- 
www.conairmail.com/anti -- to learn about the new affordable 
programs just introduced by the scientific community. 

Our company owns its own pharmaceutical plant and ships the 
complete program of products directly to your customers. Neither 
you [as a distributor] nor your customers have anything to lose 
-- but years. You don't have to buy and maintain an inventory, 
you don't have to take orders and you don't have to ship products 
-- and your customer takes no risk because the products are 
backed by a 90-day, 100-percent, money-back guarantee from one of 
the largest pharmaceutical laboratories in the United States. 
Even more incredible is the fact that the company also offers a 
scientific laboratory test that customers can take to gauge their 
success. They can actually see their biological system grow 

Our company chose to use Relationship Marketing, a form of 
marketing similar to MLM, to meet its goal of becoming the leader 
in the anti-aging industry quickly. Experts say the anti-aging 
industry will exceed sales of 400 billion dollars per year. 
Wouldn't you like to work with the largest company in this 
massive marketplace?

You may have tried MLM in the past or may be involved in a 
program now. If so, you may know that more millionaires are made 
in MLM than through any other marketing venue.

A Relationship Marketing company must have all of the following 
facets to be successful:

1] Strong financial foundation. Find out how we have achieved 
over 600 million dollars in sales,

2] Top management. Our CEO led the last company he served for 29 
years and over 4 billion dollars in sales. Our President, is 
known as one of the most important authorities on anti-aging in 
the world,

3] Must be product driven [have products that customers will 
reorder often]. Our comprehensive program is a life time 
commitment [customers re-order every month]. Everyone wants to 
get younger and stay younger,

4] Immediate income. With our company, you're paid weekly -- 
beginning immediately,

5] Residual income for future financial independence. We've got 
the best residual income program available,

6] Allow distributors to work from home. To gain tremendous tax 
advantages, allow flexible working hours -- especially for 
working mothers and allow folks to work -- not attend endless 
meetings. You simply guide new customers through the initial 
steps of making their first purchase,

7] Provide pre-qualified leads -- people who are interested in 
buying. Our national marketing program is state-of-the-art 
technology and all our leads are pre-screened,

8] Advancement opportunity. Our company offers everyone the 
chance to build and manage their own marketing group using our 
proven and duplicable program and working with our pre-qualified 

Our products are creating so much growth in our business that we 
are overwhelmed with interested customers. We have and will 
continue to have a stream of potential customers to share with 
every person who joins our group as a distributor - and for those 
who join your group. Best of all, because we're growing so 
quickly, we can guarantee that your group will grow in depth.

This program is first-come, first-served. The sooner you join our 
group, the sooner your weekly and monthly checks will start 
rolling in.

The requirements to take advantage of this incredible opportunity 
are simple:

1] Read the complete scientific Web site. Then click on the 
Distributorship button and fill out the request form for the 
complete distributor information package,

2] Have the desire to get started in training right away,

3] Allow us to work with you to help you become successful 

4] Try the products so you can see for yourself how incredible 
they are -- and remember they are all backed by a 90-day, 
100-percent, money-back, satisfaction guarantee.

5] Take the laboratory test to see how old you are biologically 
right now, then take it again in 30 days to see how much progress 
you've made.

What more can you ask for? No other company will ever offer you a 
program with a guarantee like this coupled with pre-qualified 
leads that practically guarantee your success.

Click here -- www.conairmail.com/anti -- to go to the scientific 
Web site and click on the distributorships button to get all of 
the information free of charge.

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