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Re: [MOL] Hi to all/PJ REPLY

P J 
I sure hope the Gemzar helps your mom.
Didn't get to take my treatment today because my white count was too
We asked about neupogen but the dr. said to wait a week. That stuff is
180 a shot and before I would have 7 in a row. I suppose drs. have to
justify things. Do you have any idea of the dosage your mom gets. I am
just curious as I noticed mine is higher than the fact sheet average.
Since I brought the orders from MDA to ABQ. I was able to see what was
ordered. Believe me I watch every nit-picking thing.
I know they are very aggressive at MDA.
However, they would not hesitate to give neupogen if needed. Maybe
insurance cos. don't buck big name places as much.
The baby gives your mom something to look forward to in the future. I am
hoping to see a great grand child. Nothing in sight yet.

Will hook this on because I am so lazy.
The tumours are liver cancer in the lung.
Doesn't that sound nutty?

I am so glad you are preaching again. I envy those that are gifted with
words to help people. This has always been difficult for me. My way has
been to do things for people. Just try not to look too handsome or they
won't hear what you say. lol

We have dear friends in Eagle and will pop up there one of these days.
Good to hear you are on the mend.

Has anyone heard from Carla? I think about her and hope for the best.

God Bless

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