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[MOL] Nancy E (herbs)

Hi Nancy

You won't find any books that will help you with herbs.
What you need is word of mouth.
I live on Long Island which is about 1 hour out of NYC.
I have 1 acupuncturist/herbalist in Flushing.  We were lucky to find him 
through word of mouth.
Please dont' confuse the herbs (raw) that I am talking about with the 
over-the-counter herbs in a bottle.
THe herbs I use and my mom uses are raw. These herbs are handpicked leaves, 
roots, branches, twigs that are specifically selected for individual needs.
You boil them in water to make a tea with them. The tea tastes not so nice 
but the end result is worth it.
My advice is to look around and find a herbalist who has been around for a 
while. Someone who knows his craft. My herbalist speaks little English but he 
has a translation book that helps.
My mom's herbalist is in Florida and he also speaks no Englist but uses the 
book to understand what we are saying.  He is the most compassionate man I 
have ever met. He kisses my mom and loves her so much.  We consider him 
If I can be of further assistance please please ask.
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