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Stacie, that was not the news I was looking for from you. LOL!  Sorry to
hear about your brother; but heres a very good site for you to go to and get
educated about the spleen.

I saw some very promising things and want you to know that I have high hopes
for your brother.  Please keep us informed, have a safe trip and we will be
praying for you!  Your friend, lillian


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To: Lillian <firefly@islc.net>
Sent: Wednesday, July 28, 1999 9:40 AM
Subject: Re: Just the pest checking up on you!***help****needed here

> --- Lillian <firefly@islc.net> wrote:
> > That is a matter long list up top there.....wanted
> > to know how all of you are doing and to be assured
> > that I think and pray for you and miss you on line.
> > Are you still subscribed to MOL?
> > Are you doing all right?  Please, let this old worry
> > wort know how you are doing, stress really is not
> > good for me at all.   Love you, your friend, lillian
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> ****************
> Hi Lillian...hope this gets to you...I kept this nice message you sent
> me because I knew down the road this would be a place Iwould need.
> Thank you for keeping me on board....here is my worry....
> My brother has colon cancer stage 2 was just operated on 10 days ago.
> Had very bad back pains. Was rushed to er last nite with a ruptured
> spleen. Now I am really worried as doesnt that have something to do
> with the immune system.  Please help anyone out there?
> I am 3000 miles away from him and planning to leave this Sat. for a
> week to see him. I am so worried. Any web sites out there that can give
> me some info. Any body have this happen? Don't even know the right
> questions to ask but felt this was the home to come to for answers and
> everyone here so forthcoming and friendly with questions. Any help is
> much appreciated.
> Hope all is well with you. You are all in our prayers too.  Thanks,
> Stacie
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