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[MOL] "thoughts for today"

Hello Everyone,

One of our basic human needs is to be loved. There are all types of
love, and in our lifetime we will experience several of those. My
"thoughts for today reflect  that topic.

	Love is not what makes the world go round: it's what makes
	the ride worthwhile!

	If I have love in my life, it can make up for many things
	I lack.  If I do not have love in my life, no matter what
	else there is, it is not enough.

Love is not an emotion---it is a decision. "I choose to love..." We can
love someone else without being loved in return, and if that love is
unconditional, it can still be fulfilling. However, love at its best is
one that is unconditional, and one that gives and receives. I pray that
each of you is blessed in that way.

To see today's Humor, Christian Thoughts, Inspirational, Poem, Health
Tip, and Household Hints, just click here:  http://thoughtsfortoday.com

(To those of you who may be waiting for my reply to an e-mail you have
sent me, I apologize for taking so long.  I have just been sooooooo
busy!!!  I will try to play catch-up soon.)

God Bless,
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