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[MOL] John/Reply-Drug 714X

Here you go John, where you can get all the information about this drug.  Good luck, your friend, lillian
. Legal use of the 714X in Canada
Legal use of the 714X in Canada. The use of 714X (Trimethylbicyclonitraminohept ne Cl) is authorized in Canada by the Health Protection Branch (H.P.B.),...
URL: www.cerbe.com/ti02imga.htm
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2. FDA and 714X
FDA RAIDS 714X FACILITATOR. From The Cancer Chronicles #24-#25 Dec. 1994 by Ralph W. Moss, Ph.D. [IN JULY 1996, CHARLES PIXLEY WAS SENTENCED TO A YEAR...
URL: ralphmoss.com/FDA714X.html
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3. HANS -- 714X UPDATE
UPDATE: US Crackdown on Quebec Remedy. Health Action, Dec/94. On March 26, 1994 the medical office of California physician Dr. Lawrence Taylor was raided..
URL: www.hans.org/714x.htm
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4. 714X - Alternative Cancer Treatment
Billy Best cancer free with alternative treatment Essiac from Resperin...
URL: www.grand-strand.com/suebest/714x.htm
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5. Gaston Naessens & 714X
Gaston Naessens & 714X. http://www.cose.com/ http://www.hans.org/714x.htm. http://wellweb.com/ALTERN/canc r/714/mooreart.htm. Pixley & 714X...
URL: whale.to/Cancer/714X.html
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6. The 714X
The 714X. The 714X (Trimethylbicyclonitraminohept ne Cl.) is a nitrogenated camphor-derivative mixed with mineral salts. The goal is to fluidify the lymph.
URL: www.cerbe.com/pr04imga.htm
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7. WINDS - Charles Pixley vs FDA on 714X Cancer Therapy
Charles Pixley made available to the American public 714X, a homeopathic camphor compound which is legal in Canada and regarded as a highly...
URL: www.thewinds.org/archive/medical/charles_pixley08-98.html
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8. Investigators' Reports--November 1996 FDA Consumer
Investigators' Reports. Promoter of 714X Cure-All Faces Prison For Selling Unapproved Drug. by Paula Kurtzweil. A New York book publicist has been...
URL: www.fda.gov/fdac/departs/996_irs.html
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9. 714X - Handbook
714X - A Highly promising Non-Toxic Treatment. for Cancer and Other Immune Deficiencies. Table of contents. Introduction. Natural Immunity. Grafts Studies.
URL: www.cerbe.com/ti05imga.htm
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10. Civitas Home Page
THE CIVIL ABOLITIONIST. Box 26, Swain NY 14884 Bina Robinson, Editor Winter 1996-1997 Vol.7 Issue 4. complete issue home. CODEX: INTERNATIONAL THREAT TO...
URL: www.linkny.com/~civitas/page7.html
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