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Re: [MOL] Kathy is Back!!!

Dearest Kathy,

Welcome home hon. Missed your great personality and spirit. Take care of
yourself and be well. Prayed for you much.

God Bless,
marty and Barb

> wrote:
> Hello all my dear friends:  I want to thank each and everyone who sent
> me cards while I was recuperating.  I can't tell you how much they
> meant to me.  And Martha -- I loved your little masquerade!  The nurse
> in ICU said "your sister, Martha, called."  I wanted to laugh, but I
> couldn't!  Thanks so much for the basket of African violets.  They are
> on my kitchen counter in the sun, and look so beautiful.  I am healing
> nicely, it seems, although there is still some pain.  I expect there
> will be for quite some time, and it's certainly bearable.  So much has
> happened in the last five weeks -- to the rest of you -- not to me.  I
> actually watched Sally Jesse Raphael last Friday!  Heavens!  My
> brother said "You've GOT toD get back to work!!!!"  No kidding!
> Anyway, thank you all -- again.  You're all my special angels.  Love
> and kisses -- Kathy
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