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Re: [MOL] Hi to all/PJ REPLY

Hi Betty

Glad to see you on again.

I just wanted to let you know that my mom was recently put on Gemzar. 
She had previously been on 5FU and Camptosar but her CEA marker went up a few 
Mom has colon cancer, and eventhough Gemzar doesn't say it works for that it 
does mention that people who have previously been on 5FU respond well to 
Well anyway, mom has had 2 treatments of Gemzar so far and she feels great. 
No diarrhea and no vomiting.  But mom has had no side effects with any chemo. 
Mom is just a strong willed person as I knowyou are.

I also recently ordered mom Milk Thistle. Alot of MOLERS are using it and I 
wanted mom to give it a try.  Mom has had only 1 day of loose bowel with it 
and she feels okay with it.

Mom takes 3 Weeks of Gemzar and then a week break (I think). Mom is seeing 
her ONC on Friday so we will know what the outcome is.

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