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Re: [MOL] Myelofibrosis Information Request- response

Mayo Clinic (hematology) has had an interest in myelofibrosis for many years 
and probably has more data on file about this bone marrow disorder than any 
other research group.  I'm not sure about the large medical center in 
Baltimore Md., however.  If the patient is under 40 years of age that is the 
place for a marrow transplant too.  I was told that only the young should 
consider this procedure so this option is not open for me.  Anadrol 
(oxymetholone) has kept my status stable and blood transfusion has not been 
necessary for a long period of time.  I wish you well and keep in mind that 
my Mayo Clinic doctor at Jacksonville Florida, Solberg (a great guy by the 
way) advised that one with this disorder can live for decades. 
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