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[MOL] Hi to all

I have gone so much for the past couple of months I am sure I am way
behind on things. We have traveled to several states to visit our
children and a cruise to Alaska and of course the monthly trip to M D
Anderson. I was on Thalidomide for 3 mos. At first it brought my tumor
marker (AFP) down but when I was at MDA last week it had risen from
8,000 to 25,000 in 4 weeks. Drs discussed implanting a pump into the
liver for direct chemo. Since I have a couple of tumors in the lung now
this would not treat them and they would have to be removed by surgery.
Prior to the visit, I had stumbled on a liver onc list 
on the net and several people were getting good results with Gemzar. So
I showed these e-mails to the drs. and they agreed I should try it. I
will have 1 treatment each week for 7 weeks then see what happens. I had
1 there Thursday and didn't get any side effects except mild leg aches.
My daughter said mom you are the only person I know that would go to one
of the best cancer hospitals and tell the dr. what to do. I figure it's
my life. Once again, it reminded me how very important it is to share
info.. I continue to keep you all in my prayers. I never get too busy
for that.
God Bless All

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