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Re: [MOL] Our Marty and Barb !

DEar Lil,

I am certain that many of the molers know that you and I are related.
You my Sister and I your admiring Brother. We will go on for years
nurturing a great friendship and relationship in camaraderie, respect
and admiration.  You are indeed our faith for what we perceive to be
spiritually grateful, our angel to the light to God.

God Bless you HOn and be well and write when you can.
marty and Barb auslander

> Lillian wrote:
> I was thinking friend that the Molers must think you and I don't talk
> to each other!  LOL! Saw your wonderful news on Barb and know that I
> am very confident that you both will come out the winner on this one.
> I will private e-mail you shortly sharing some pictures of the Molars
> I met as I know you will love to have them.  Keep the faith, love,
> lillian
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