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[MOL] From Nanc to all Mols....I'll be back soon....

Hi Sis and all Mols
We are leaving early in the morning and my back problem is not an herinated 
disc, that God for that, don't know w3hat it is but the new meds helped a 
great deal with the pain today.  I have to go back to the Doc and so does Don 
when we get back from a much needed vacation.  We will be at Bethlehem PA 
this Sunday to visit Dons WWll Doctor buddy whom is looking forward to 
showing us a wonderful relaxing time, but I don't think Doon will stay longer 
then a couple of days.  I fully intend to slow down when we get home to gain 
streinght to take care of Don Mom is doing pretty good.  I have to get the 
car packed to leave in the morning and in just a few min I will be signing 
off MOL until we return, I don't want to mess anyone up by my mailbox getting 
full.  Know that I'll be thinking of all of you and I promise to let you all 
be supportive for me now, and I do know that I need that now.  I thank you 
all from the bottom of my big heart.  You all will still be in my prayers too.
PJ, I'm OK.
Marty take care of our Barb, I knew I had to tell you that, LOL  Love you two.
Sandi, take care and I'll be back soon.
Martha I got a package today from you and haven't had time to open it yet, 
Sister Lil, you enjoy your vacation.
All the rest of you take care and I'll post just as soon as I return.
Love, hugs, kisses, prayers to all of my special family of MOLs,
Nanc ():-)

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<< Subj:	 Re: [MOL] Hope this doesn't miss you Nanc!
 Date:	7/22/99 9:47:27 AM Eastern Daylight Time
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 How sorry I was to hear your news.  Is Don going with you?  Do you have
 someone helping you drive for your poor back sake?  When will Don have a MRI
 on the brain and when will you get the results?  It always rains when it
 pours Nanc, doesn't it?  It is time for the Molers to take care of you and
 time for you to accept our help in this department.  You have given so much
 to everyone, hour's upon hour's.  I know it is hard, because I understand it
 can be more fun to give than to receive; but if Joicy has taught me anything
 this was one of the biggies.  I promise you, once you get accustomed to
 being on the receiving end you will think "not bad at all". There can be a
 happy medium.   Please think about this when you are away.  Now ofcourse I
 am not talking about taking care of your Don and your Mother, I would not
 dream of your not doing all you can for them.  Just let us pick up some in
 keeping you up and through it all.  Love ya, lillian >>
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