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[MOL] Patient-specific Cancer Vaccines Show Promise

Patient-specific Cancer Vaccines Show Promise
    [07/22/99; Boston Globe]

For all the cancer recoveries that Dr. Robert Amato has seen,
few have surprised and impressed him more than that of a 50-year-old
man who was successfully treated for kidney cancer, only to see
tumors spread to his lungs. Amato, an oncologist and clinical
investigator at the University of Texas's MD Anderson Cancer
Center in Houston, gave the man eight weekly injections of an
experimental cancer vaccine that was made, in part, from the
patient's own cancer cells by Antigenics LLC, a 5-year-old biotechnology
company in Framingham, Mass. Soon after the last injection, the
tumors in his lungs began to disappear, leaving just scars, which
surgery subsequently removed. Today, 17 months after his first
inoculation, the man is still cancer-free. ``He was one of our
first patients tested . . . and his tumors were gone,'' Amato
told Antigenics officials, cancer researchers, and investment
bankers last month at the opening of the privately held company's
new $5.5 million biomanufacturing and research facility in Woburn,
Mass. Amato's patient was among 38 who suffered a kidney cancer
relapse and participated in Antigenics' phase 1 safety trial
to test its custom-made vaccines using three different doses.
Five patients have remained cancer-free and four have experienced
partial recoveries, prompting the company to progress to a phase
2 trial that will use a single dose of the vaccines to more carefully
measure recoveries. 

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