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Re: [MOL] Where's our Nanc/I will be leaving the 23 early.

Hi Sis, PJ and the rest of you,
I am I hope leaving the eary morning of the 23 to stop over near the boarder 
of OH and I think Maryland.  then on to Delaware, and then probably right 
back home to relax and get my body fixed.  I have spent the last two days 
with Don to see his ongoligist and tests, he is collecting fluid on the Lungs 
and the heart is laboring and therefore he is not breathing right.  He has to 
take two lasic a day and 2 potisum a day to releave presure and help his 
breathing for now.  He is also having mood swings so the Doc thinks it may be 
in the brain now.  I was also at the Doctors yesterday and then had to have 
an MRI today of my back, he thinks I have one or more heranited discs.  I am 
in to much pain to sit here for to long.  I will get the results and post to 
let you know tomorrow before I sign off for two weeks.
Good night and love you all,
Nanc ():-)

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<< PJ, in one of Nancy e-mails she said she was leaving the 23rd of July, I
 think perhaps they left earlier?  Your friend, lillian
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