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Re: [MOL] milk thistle

Dear All,

Just a note about Milk thistle. When the immune system is depressed as a
result of say cancer, the recommended dosage that we have experienced
and learned is 900 mg per day when the lfts (liver function tests) are
normal. This is not a high dosage. When any of the lfts are elevated say
the alt or other, then which Barb has experienced, the dosage was
doubled to 1800 mg per day. Usually taken before or after each meal.
Again, we did not experience any side effects. When the lfts came down
to normal then Barb has stayed on a daily dosage of 900mg. It acts as a
detoxifier as well as liver stimulant and cleanser. Just our opinion.
The dosage was recommended by the Livingston Foundation an immune
therapy clinic and much other information about milk thistle was
abstracted from various literature and personal references.

God Bless All,
marty auslander

> martha cerreto wrote:
> Dear All,
> Just in regard to recent post from Lillian on this subject, one of the
> blood tests of my liver function was a little high.  After taking milk
> thistle for 2 months, it dropped 6 points.
> Martha
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