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Dear Lil,

I can't begin to tell what I feel about this situation. I am so sad. She
has come to be a part of our family, even though she was on Mol for a
short time. WE came to know her Dad and we came to know her heart. She
is a true Daughter and caregiver in every sense. I am sorry. I wish we
could've connected. I know she lives close by.

God Bless,
marty and Barb

> Lillian wrote:
> Please be advised that I just received an e-mail from Wendy Katz
> informing me that her father passed away June 30th.  It saddens me to
> be the bearer of this news and I ask all Molers to bow their heads in
> silence for the family left behind and for Wendy's father.  Wendy is
> no longer on MOL, she isn't up to it right now.  Your friend, lillian
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