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Dearest Lil and my very good friends,

Here is the latest. First pls excuse my tardiness. Been tough.

Barb will be off Coumadin (Warfarin) indefinitely or until such time as
she absolutely needs to. We need to monitor her body for blood clots.
Symptoms may be swelling or redness and/or fever.

She is off chemotherapy until such time as her head heals. That may be
for at least two more weeks. Will confer with Oncologist next week.

She will have stitches taken out tomorrow.

She is suffering from secondary complications as she is experiencing
intense, back and leg pains. An MRI will be taken tomorrow night and we
will confer with her primary Doctor early next week as she is on
vacation this week. In the meantime Barb is fed pain meds and muscle
relaxants. Vicodin for pain and Flexeril for muscle relaxant.

She is also on Dilantin, an anti seizure pill as she did experience post
op seizures. The pill may be very temporary for about 2 months or so.

The concerns of course is...withouth blood thinner a possible threat of
blood clotting. At time of diagnosis 5 years ago, her superior vena cava
was clotted (main vein to heart), both jugular veins totally clotted.
Miraculously, she developed 6 small collateral veins that found their
way back to the heart to provide sufficient blood flow.

The other concern of course is that the chemotherapy, four treatments
and whatever else we were doing, successfully brought the tumor marker
ca-125 from 118 to 62 which is very positively significant. 35 for is
normal. So, she will not have continued chemotherapy for sometime and
indeed she is in much physical stress. So that is now an uncertainty.

I will tell you this. Her attitude is heroic. She want to live a long
life so damn much (pardon me for swearing), that I could not see myself
under similar circumstances find the will to go on after all the years
she has incurred with this disease. She hero.

Hope you don't mind me sharing this with you all. I know that you care
and love us. If there are some that may benefit from our harrowing
experiences, then some good comes from this.

Stay well my friends

God Bless,
marty and Barb auslander

> Lillian wrote:
> Marty just telephoned me to give you a report on his wife Barb's
> condition.  They did not take her for surgery until 3:00 p.m. ,
> surgery started at 4:00p.m. and was completed at 5:30pm.  The surgery
> was considered successful !  To help us all understand what happened
> :  Barb was on the drug Coumedin or Warfarin (same drug, different
> mfg.) the drug thinned her blood so much that she had what they call a
> slow hemorrhage over the past 7 to 8 weeks.  She will be in the
> hospital 3-4 days and recuperation time is one week.  They bore 5
> small holes and placed drains in the holes.  The drains are still in
> place.  She is not permitted to go back onto her Coumedin for at least
> a week; so they will now be watching that she does not throw a clot.
> She will not have Chemo this week, Marty is not sure when they will
> permit her back on chemo.; which ofcourse has him concerned.  So the
> news is good; however they are not out of the woods yet.  Your friend,
> lillian
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