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[MOL] Dee here

Hi all of you dear Mol Angels,

Yes, it's me, Dee!!! I am sorry that I have been
so quiet lately but I know that you all can relate
being really sad ...  I want to tell you all how
much I appreciate knowing that you are all out
there somewhere in this world supporting me - you
are my safety net and my comfort!!! I think
about all of you every day and hold you in my
prayers each night, including your loved ones...
I hope that you are all doing OK and that life is
smiling on you each day...

I do not have any good news to tell - my dear
sweet dad is getting worse with each passing
day and he is now in a hospital bed in my parents
bedroom - we are trying to convince my
mother to get 24 hour hospice care for my dad but
we are at a standoff right now... she
doesn't want "strangers" going through her
drawers... yes she is wearing herself into a
and now this is adding to our worries... Dad DOES
and from what I have seen of their hospital, he is
much better off at home!!!!

Dad went off all of his alternative meds thinking
that this would speed up the dying process
but we all know that this MAY not be the case!!!!

I really don't have much else to say, except, if I
could ask all of you to please pray for
my dear sweet dad it would mean so much to us - I
hate what this disease has done to
him and I don't want to lose him but this is
reality now and I am trying to deal with it
the best that I can... Keeping busy helps alot and
believe me, I keep busy!!!!

Thank you all so much,
Love, Hugs, Prayers, and Kisses

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