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[MOL] Lil

Hi Lil:  I am good.  Because of only having the computer at work - it takes
a while to catch up on the reading.  Plus you know I am a quiet one.  My
Bone Scan and Rib Xray came back negative, and my Lung CT came back saying
stayed the same.  When I called Staten Island for the results of the lung
scan, the nurse told me that the tumor was smaller.  When I got a copy from
the hospital on long island where the scan was taken, they said no change.
I have a call in to Dr. Silverman of Staten Island since last Thursday and I
haven't heard from him yet.  They are really bad about getting back to
people.  All is well here, thanks for asking.  Love June

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> Ok. June where have you been hiding?  Hope all is all right for you, let
> us know, love ya, lillian
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