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[MOL] Adrenal carcinoma Doctors

Hi my name is Frank.   I had an Adrenal carcinoma removed in March.  Here are 
some of people I believe are the experts.  Dr. Antonio Fojo, who is doing a 
clinical study his e-mail adress is:   tfojo@helix.nih.gov Phone 301-496 
4916.  Another doctor is Robert Gagel at MD anderson center in Texas ( I here 
they have most experince with adrenal cancer) 713-792-2840 or Dr. Andrew 
Burgess 1-800 889-2094

If you are looking for a surgeon track down Dr. Murry Brennan at Memorial 
Sloan Ketterting in NYC.  I see his name all over many reports on Adrenal 

I am not sure where you are located etc.  But please feel free to E-mail me 
direct at Sportfn32@aol.com  .  This is a rare condition perhaps we can stay 
in touch and share info.   Good luck  Frank
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