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Re: [MOL] Tamoxifen

Hi, Deb,

Maybe it's my cynicism creeping in, but are you sure it's not the
insurance co. that is dictating what your dr. "prefers" in this case? My
ob/gyn. was adamant that there should be a baseline ultrasound as one
begins the tamoxifen (otherwise, how can they tell if there is
thickening of the uterus if they have nothing to compare it with?) He
also strongly feels there should be an annual ultrasound as long as
you're on the drug. I would sure check around for other opinions before
you accept your doc's dismissal of this important test. I ended up
needing a D & C after my first year on tamoxifen, and given the serious
side-effects, I think you want to have a doctor monitoring what's going
on with some regularity, not just being reactive. Just one more opinion,
for what it's worth! Hope all is well with you and your,

deb grodin wrote:
> suzanne,
> my doctor said that as long as I don't have any bleeding or spotting she
> would rather not do an ultrasound. I have to go for a mammogram next
> month, it's not too early to start freaking out or is it, and then back
> to see her. Took the first pill this morning. I am just really wiped
> out. My house keeper did not show today and the place is a mess. I have
> done all I can do. The boys will have to run the vacume, or the dirt
> will get pushed further down the rugs.
> She did mention blood work, but I can't remember what she said.
> Still awaiting my very first hot flash.LOL
> Debby
> suzanne new wrote:
> >
> > deb: I will have an ultrasound every 6 months, blood checked every 4
> > months for the first 2 years then every 6 months. Believe me you will
> > know a hot flash if and when you get one. It feels like nothing else I
> > have ever experienced! Good Luck!
> > Suzanne
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