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Re: [MOL] Tamoxifen

Relax! Freaking out is bad for your health and it is likely totally 
uncalled for. Assume that everything will be all right. If it is not 
there is time for freaking out after you learn of it. Just think of 
all the energy you save or put to better use if you just assume the 
best until you learn otherwise. I know in the back of your mind you 
are aware that the cancer can come back, but if it does, deal with it 
then. Don't ruin today by worrying about tomorrow. You are acting 
responsibly, getting your follow up tests. That is all you can do. 
Take things a day at a time and your life will be more pleasant. And 
by the way, If the floors don't get vaccummed they will still be 
there tomorrow.

>my doctor said that as long as I don't have any bleeding or spotting she
>would rather not do an ultrasound. I have to go for a mammogram next
>month, it's not too early to start freaking out or is it, and then back
>to see her. Took the first pill this morning. I am just really wiped
>out. My house keeper did not show today and the place is a mess. I have
>done all I can do. The boys will have to run the vacume, or the dirt
>will get pushed further down the rugs.
>She did mention blood work, but I can't remember what she said.
>Still awaiting my very first hot flash.LOL
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