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Re: [MOL] Milk Thistle for the Liver

Thanks for the article. I started to take Milk Thistle while I was
taking chemo, I will continue to take it as long as I am on Tamoxifen. I
passed it by my onc before I started to take it, he said it was OK but
really didn't know much about it. I will take this article with me the
next time I see him. I guess we need to educate most doctors when it
comes to alternative medicine. Do you have any information on DHEA? I
have been reading several articles on it but undecided about safty  and

> Lillian wrote:
> The seed of the milk thistle plant contains high levels of silymarin,
> a flavonoid complex with very potent liver protective action.
> Silymarin can prevent liver damage from a variety of toxins. It works
> by inhibiting factors that cause liver damage and stimulates the
> growth of new liver cells. Silymarin is a potent antioxidant,
> protecting the liver from damage by free radical molecules. It also
> increases glutathione levels in the liver -- glutathione acts to
> detoxify hormones, drugs and chemicals. And silymarin inhibits the
> formation of liver-damaging leukotrienes, preventing inflammation and
> damage of the liver cells. Most remarkable is silymarin's ability to
> stimulate the production of new liver cells to replace damaged ones.
> In experimental studies, silymarin has been shown to protect the liver
> from damage by such toxic chemicals as carbon tetrachloride, alcohol
> and the Amanita mushroom toxin.
> Clinical studies with silymarin have shown it is effective in treating
> a number of liver conditions, including cirrhosis, chronic hepatitis
> and fatty liver from alcohol intake. Even severely damaged livers were
> restored to normal cell structure with long-term use of silymarin.
> Milk thistle is a very good supplement for an ex-drinker to help
> restore the normal structure and function of the liver. The dose of
> milk thistle is based on silymarin content; 70-210mg of silymarin
> should be taken three times a day. Look for a product that has a
> standardized amount of silymarin per capsule.
> Studies have shown that milk thistle extracts are essentially
> non-toxic. Because silymarin causes an increase in bile secretion,
> large doses may cause loose stools. This can be prevented by the use
> of fiber, such as psyllium or pectin.
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