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Re: [MOL] Colon Cancer-My Experience

Hi Bill:
Wow reading your story reminded of my mom's in so many ways.
My mom (75) lives in Florida. Diagnosed colon cancer, operated Jan98. 
Tumor/mass not removed due to size and position. Received Radiation for 
30days straight- reduced her CEA from 300 to 5. Received 5FU for almost 9 
months- was very helpful to her unfortunately around the 9 month mark her CEA 
started to creep up to 20. Receiving currently Campstosar her CEA is rising, 
now at 60.

We believe very much in alternative medicine my mom is taking Chinese Herbs, 
raw herbs that she cooks and drinks.  Her Oncologist and her primary have no 
idea she is taking these herbs and they believe the chemo is what is helping 
her, but we know better.  Mom currenly is suffeirng with sciactica.  Her 
blood levels are great. She hasn't received chemo for the last 6-8 weeks 
because she has had some urine infections that the chemo brought on and her 
oncologist thought best to stay off for a while.

Now mom will start with camptosar again next week. She is gaining weight and 
feeling good. She says if it weren't for the sciactica pain in the backside 
she could run a marathon.  Her oncologist feels that the tumor is pressing on 
the nerve and that is where the pain is from.

Mom had her cat scan 2 weeks ago and the news is great. The tumor has NOT 
spread.  It is exactly the same. IMAGINE THAT AFTER 1 1/2 years OF CANCER so 
spreading.  The doctors are dumbfounded because they only gave mom 2 months 
to live after her operation and that was back in January 98.

So there you see you and mom take the same medicine and you both are doing ok.

I'm praying for you and hope you can keep in touch. I would love to know any 
experience you are finding.

By the way the Chinese Acupuncturist/Herbalist that mom sees every 2 weeks 
told mom when he first met her in Jan 98 that the cancer wouldn't kill her 
and that he would build her immune system to withstand the chemo and 
radiation.  HE KEPT HIS PROMISE. 

Thank you for reading this long story. I sure hope you weren't bored.

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