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Re: [MOL] Colon Cancer-My Experience

Well Bill, for once a story with a good ending so far.  Sounds like you are already doing the alternative methods, are you building up your immune system with something like Milk Thistle, Soy products including soy non fat milk that comes in yummy flavors and tofu?  If you take vitamins or herbs be sure they are in liquid form, easier to break down and will not just go straight through or stay in the liver too long.  Don't forget to keep that liver cleansed.   Good luck and welcome!  Your friend, lillian
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Subject: [MOL] Colon Cancer-My Experience

Hi I'm Bill; I live in Yorkshire England
            I was diagnosed with colon cancer in July 1997, when I had an emergency operation to remove the tumour.
I later found out that I had secondary tumours on my liver. After months of tests at St James Hospital in Leeds, I was told that the
tumours on my liver could not be cut away.
So in October 97 I started on 5FU chemotherapy, this did the trick, and in March 98 I finished the chemo and my tumours had shrunk down. I had a good summer 98 holidaying in the Canary Islands.
September 98 I went into the Royal Liverpool University Hospital, where I underwent  a pioneering operation to freeze my tumours using liquid nitrogen (cryogenic  surgery). Unfortunately when I woke up I was told that they could not do the surgery as my tumours had started to grow again!
November 98 I started another course of 5FU chemotherapy, using a constant feed pump -Hickman Line. In addition to this I had done a lot of research into the anti cancer benefits of sharks cartilage. So I started taking sharks cartilage powder ,mixed with orange juice.
Feb 99 BAD NEWS my tumours were  still growing, the 5FU chemo was having no effect this time. Also the sharks cartilage had been a waste of money, after spending 500 on sharks cartilage.
March99 started on new chemotherapy- irinotecan Camptosar. Intravenous injection over 2hours every 3 weeks, side effects some sickness and diarrhoea, lost ALL my hair from everywhere! After 3 doses I had a scanGOOD NEWS  the tumours had reduced in size between 30 and 50%! I have now had 6 shots of this chemo and feel great, about to have another scan.
Sharks cartilage a waste of money. I know that the cancer will not stay dormant forever and could eventually develop an immunity to any more chemo.
WHAT I AM LOOKING FOR is any ideas ,therapies, tips on alternative therapies, treatments, diets, that I can start now, while my tumours are temporarily defeated, to continue the battle against them, while I am off chemo.
I have already visited a natural healer, reflexologist and this looks promising.