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Re: [MOL] norwegian jokes

Thanks for the jokes Lori!  Your friend, lillian
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From: Lori and Tom Anderson-Finwall
Sent: Wednesday, July 07, 1999 10:01 AM
Subject: [MOL] norwegian jokes

Hi all
My dad had several joke book in his effects. I thought I would share a few of them with you. ( the cleaner ones) Dad was for North Dakota he was norwegian and swede.
A norwegian calls up his doctor ans say's Every morning at 5 I have a B.M."
fine said the Doctor. That very healty. What seemes to be your problem?
Vell Said then Norwegian "I don't wake up till 6."
A Danish lady sent her husband downtown to get a pair of loafers.
So he came back with two Norwegians.
Why don't Swede's Eat M&M's?
Because they are hard to peel.
Where to Swede's keep thier Armies?
Up thier slevies.
A Swede called on his girl friend and his shirt was dripping wet. When asked why he replied " the label said wash and Wear."
 a Danish couple decided to get a divorce becaus of incompatabillity. he lost his in come and she has lost her -patability.
A noregian got married and on the wedding night hes bride disrobed and suggested, " Get aboard, Ole." By the time he got back from  the lumber yard hs bride had fallen asleep.
A swedish woman sent her husband downtown to by a lazy boy rocker. He came back with a noregian Guitar player.
How you get 20 norwegians into a volks wagen? Throw aquarter into the back seat.
Knute Called the Salvation army: " do you save Bad Girls there?" Yes we do. Came the answer. " Vell said Knute "save me one for saterday night"
Ole once had an implement dealershipin Wisconsin. his motto was "Ve Stand behind all our implements.. vid de exception of the da manure spreader."
 a Noregian wand recently arrested for passing bougs $2 bills. the way he did it was to erase the ) from the $20 bills.