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[MOL] The Glassblower

Thinking of you all...this story really hit home, so I thought I would
send it along. Have a wonderful day...love, Joicy

The Glassblower

Walking past the little shop I saw a flash of light in my peripheral
vision. I
turned to see where it had come from and I was fascinated to see a
glassblower at work. A very large window was in the front of the shop so
passersby could watch the process. He would blow air into the hot glass
through a long tube and then take it in very long metal tongs. The tongs
made so that by manipulating them in a certain way, they could clip the
here and there, and then mold it into the desired shape. Then the
placed the partially shaped glass into an extremely hot oven. I could
see the
yellow flames leaping high as he opened the oven door and placed the
inside. When the fire had accomplished its purpose and the glass was
pliable, it was withdrawn from the fire and shaped a little more. After
that, it
was promptly put back into the fire. When the firing and the molding
complete, the piece was placed on a shelf to cool. 

As I stood there watching this process, I was thinking of the glass as
if it
were me. I was thinking about how all that stretching and bending and
and being placed in such a hot fire over and over again would feel. I
would not
like to be in that glassblower's hands! Then I turned to look at his
case which was positioned so that the bright morning sun streamed
through it. When I observed the exquisite beauty of the delicately
glass pieces that sparkled with rainbow-like colors as they reflected
the light
of the golden sun, then I knew that the end result was worth the pain.

Contributed by Daphne  Harrington.
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