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[MOL] Anyone Want To Go Camping?

Alas friends, I have been saying to myself and those who would listen that I would like to go to a camp.  You know, like we did as children?  While researching for news for our forum I came accross this site and thought I would pass this good news on to you.  lillian

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What is Inner Mountain?

Inner Mountain Wilderness Education Center blends the exhilaration of an outdoor education facility with the tranquility of a wilderness retreat. Our programs encourage adult cancer survivors to immerse themselves in the natural world, renew their trust in their bodies, rebuild confidence and vigor, and explore new personal boundaries. Participants emerge from our programs both invigorated and refreshed.

What is happening in 1999?

Due to resource constraints, we are not offering programs for the 1999 Summer season. For information on past programs, click here. Inner Mountain is teaming up to support an exciting fundraising effort for a cancer support center in Alaska. See the Alaska Trek 99 page for more details.

Update! 7/1/99: Karen and Emperor are close to Fairbanks. Read about their epic trip!

What is in Inner Mountain's future?

In order to serve a larger segment of the cancer survivor community (more survivors, as well as their partners, families, medical team, etc) we're going to change our approach to providing adventure programs. In the past, we ran small trips from our headquarters in Haines Alaska. At most we could serve 150 people a year, at considerable expense given the travel involved. In the future Inner Mountain will be more effective at pursuing its mission by acting as a facilitator rather than an outfitter.

We are currently assembling a network of outfitters who are interested in offering programs geared for cancer survivors. We'll facilitate connections between these outfitters and folks in the cancer community who would like to experience the healing power of time spent in the natural world. By offering programs in all parts of the country of varying lengths and at a range of costs, Inner Mountain will reach many more people.

If you or your organization would like to be part of this network, or have ideas or comments to share, click here. We'd love to hear from you and we'll stay in touch as we progress.

Is there anyone out there offering programs this year?

You might try contacting the following organizations, or else contact any adventure outfitter and ask about putting together a trip for cancer survivors. Feel free to use our programs as a model for your trip.

Please note that we have no personal experience with the following organizations therefore cannot endorse them, but here's what our research has turned up:

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