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[MOL] News ALERT!!

>From the editors and publishers of "The ACE Report,"
a brand new opportunity has just hit the market.

The "Internet Marketing ACES" will be the most
"talked about" website on the internet very soon.

In the prelaunch stage right now, the IMA official 
launch is August 1st 1999.

Get in NOW, before the HUGE internet crowd hears
about this extremely lucrative opportunity to earn
an extra income from the comfort and privacy of their
home, using a PC.  This is not MLM!!

This is only the beginning.  After this site is launched
in August, the IMA will soon be going public and will
be traded on the OTC:BB Nasdaq.

As an IMA member, you will get the opportunity to 
purchase shares of common stock in this company, 
in the near future.

For more details visit our temporary website below,
The corporate site will be ready on Aug. 1st. 1999.

IMA Press Release, July 4th 1999
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