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Re: [MOL] Chris

Chris:  Go to "My Computer" go to "WINDOWS', go to the file named cookies.  Once open, go to edit and click on select all, go to file and click on delete and bingo your done!  In this same section files is your History file, delete that also.  Then you also have a Temporary Download file in this group delete that also.  There you should find you have a lot more memory now!
Do you have a defragged on your computer.  Go to start, go to find, type in"defragged", let me know if it comes up for you if not I will tell you another way.  This takes all the spaces that have been missed by the computer and pushes them together in neat little rows and again allows for more space on your hard drive.  Good luck, your friend, lillian
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> How do you do that?
> -chris
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