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Title: Re: [MOL] Liz! Happy Birthday!
  Yes, just take all my little clever secrets, LOL!  Here are the directions friend.
Put your mouse over the dancing figure, right click on, then right click save as is. Then you save it where ever you would like. When you are ready to use it, go to HTML, go to INSERT - picture; which will take you to browse, open the file you have saved the dancer in, and it will open in your e-mail.  Make sure your cursor is in the bottom portion for messages.
Now Liz, if you take your browser and type into search free animated graphics,
you will get site listings that have free animations.  They will usually tell you how to download or lift their graphics.  I have tons of free graphics.
Now lets take this one step further, you can also include music in your e-mails.  I know you are using a MAC so it might be a bit different.  Again using your browser type in free music and it will give you a list of sights that have free music for you to download.
Now, for informational purposes, every site you go to that has music it is automatic downloaded to your computer along with graphics and you will find it under your History file.  A hint is to clean off the history files as they take valuable space.  Also clean off your Cookie file.  It is these files along with the cache file that affords businesses; etc. to attach things to your files and track you.
I hope I have been of some help Liz, now do I get a free English lesson?  LOL!
Your friend, lillian
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Dear Lillian,
Thank you very much for the very clever and charming birthday greeting. I love the little dancer and I want to know how to use one in an email.

            I amI am dancing to the tune of:
                                "Happy Birthday To You,
                                Happy Birthday To You,
                               Happy Birthday Dear Liz,
                                Know that we love you too!     your friend, lillian

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