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Marty just telephoned me to give you a report on his wife Barb's condition.  They did not take her for surgery until 3:00 p.m. , surgery started at 4:00p.m. and was completed at 5:30pm.  The surgery was considered successful !  To help us all understand what happened :  Barb was on the drug Coumedin or Warfarin (same drug, different mfg.) the drug thinned her blood so much that she had what they call a slow hemorrhage over the past 7 to 8 weeks.  She will be in the hospital 3-4 days and recuperation time is one week.  They bore 5 small holes and placed drains in the holes.  The drains are still in place.  She is not permitted to go back onto her Coumedin for at least a week; so they will now be watching that she does not throw a clot.  She will not have Chemo this week, Marty is not sure when they will permit her back on chemo.; which ofcourse has him concerned.  So the news is good; however they are not out of the woods yet.  Your friend, lillian