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Dear all:

In early February 1999, a local hospital here in Chile made a tragic
mistake:  instead of vaccinating 15 newborns against tuberculosis, they
instead received a shot of the bladder-cancer fighting drug BCG.  The
impact on their immune system has been severe.  Although they have
continued to receive treatment, the families of these babies are concerned
and are seeking independent information and guidance on how their children
might best be treated.  We know that this is a very unusual case and that
not much literature is available.  Unfortunately, the hospital has not been
forthcoming about the error (in fact, the mistake was not even made public
until April 22, after Center for Disease Control test confirmed the
presence of BCG in the babies bloodstreams) and has been even more hermetic
about possible treatments and long-lasting effects.

My nephew is one of the children involved.

If anyone knows where we can turn for informed guidance on how to cope with
this terrible situation, please contact me by e mail at kattyk@ctcreuna.cl
or katty@link.cl

Thank you for your help.  

Katty Kauffman
Santiago, Chile
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