[MOL] VERY IMPORTANT TO ALL MOLERS !!! [00165] Medicine On Line

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Dear Friends, Marty just telephoned me with some bad news.  His Barb was admitted today and will have brain surgery tomorrow morning at 11:00 Calif. time.  Because, of her medications, her blood is very thin and she must have knocked her head a few days ago causing the blood to seep into her brain.  For those who wish to send a card the address is:  Kaiser Permanente Hospital, 441 N. Lakeview Avenue, Anaheim, Calif. 92807.  Her last brain scan showed no cancer just a few weeks ago; so we are praying that it is not cancer.  Marty will call me and update me tomorrow at which time I will immediately give you the information.  Please know that no phone calls are permitted as of yet.  I want you to know that you should be very proud of our Marty, under the circumstances he is holding up very well and we know at this time it is so so difficult for him. He is still very hopeful that things will turn out all right.  I ask that we keep them both in our heavy duty prayers.  Marty will not be on line for a bit, please understand.   Love you all, lillian