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[MOL] "thoughts for today"

Hello All,
We would probably all agree that everyone is entitled to their opinion. 
However, we probably would not all agree on those opinions.  Here are my
"thoughts for today."
    The next time someone offers you an opinion,
    rather than judge or criticize it, see if you can find
    a grain of truth in what the person is saying.
    Almost every opinion has some merit, 
    especially if we are looking for merit
    rather than looking for errors.
Even though we expect people to have opinions, we don't necessarily like
it when they are different than ours.  We often times try to convince
them that we are right, and try to persuade them to think like we do. 
But we all think differently, come from different places, have different
personalities, and have different influences in our lives.  Perhaps we
should listen to the other person's view points.  They may just have
something valid to say.  And if we still don't agree, well, that's OK. 
At least we gave them the benefit of the doubt instead of  just
criticizing them.
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God Bless,
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