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[MOL] "thoughts for today"

Hi Everyone,

Here are my "thoughts for today."

It is truly desire turned into action which is the pathway to success.
You can't just passively visualize a desired outcome while doing nothing
toward it, and expect to achieve the results you want.
Many of us would like to take the easy way, the short cut. We live in an
instant society, and we want things quickly and with the least amount of
effort. That may work for zapping a meal in the microwave, or faxing an
important document, but it will not always work with everything in life.
Sometimes it still takes the old fashioned way of doing things, even the
hard way, to get the results you really want. Just thinking about how
something should be done, won't get it done either. It takes ACTION!
Like the NIKE commercials, "JUST DO IT."

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God Bless,
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