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[MOL] About Evista/Raloxifene Results

Good Morning All,

I know there has been much discussion about therapies for breast cancer
recently. Don't know if the following message was posted or not and
thought I would take the chance of reposting or posting.

Risk Of Invasive Breast Cancer Substantially Reduced In Women
Taking Raloxifene

WESTPORT, Jun 16 (Reuters Health) - Forty months of data show
that raloxifene used to treat osteoporosis in postmenopausal
women reduces risk of invasive breast cancer by 76%. The
findings, from the Multiple Outcomes of Raloxifene Evaluation
(MORE) trial, are published in today's issue of The Journal of
the American Medical Association.  Women in the trial, all
younger than 81 years of age and all with a vertebral fracture or
a femoral neck or spine score that was more than 2.5 standard
deviations below normal at enrollment, were randomized to receive
either 60 mg or 120 mg raloxifene daily or placebo.  Principal
investigator Dr.  Steven R. Cummings of the University of
California at San Francisco commented in an interview with
Reuters health that the dosage that the women received "...didn't
really matter.  They got the same effect [with both dosages]."


God Bless All,
marty auslander
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