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[MOL] I'm back, Nanc ():-)

Hi all Mols,
We are all back safe and not so sure how sound....LOL,  with the 3 Grandkids 
and all went well.  My Daughter Shelly and I should have been Semi drivers, 
we have this system, we take turns driving every 4 hours, works well.
We left at 11:00pm Monday night and got back here at 7:00am this morning 
We hit a little rain on the way back and the kids all slept all the way back.
Don and I will take a week trip of taking them home on the 23 and one stay on 
the way, one night at there house and two or three stays on the way home.  We 
need a vacation.  I am still a bit wore out, I think I am getting to old for 
these fast trips though.  We hit a little ran on our way home but all went 
very well.  It was steaming hot out there, I think the kids are happy to be 
here.  I have the two youngest grandkids for overnight and Shelly has the 
three from Delaware tonight.  She has the horses so the kids all like to stay 
with her.
Night for now,
Love ya,
Nanc ():-)
Thank you all for your prayers and a safe trip for us...
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