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Re: [MOL] A chuckle might help..

Dear Bess,
Thanks for the jokes, but how are YOU?? What was your husband's
diagnosis, and can we do anything to help? I had chemo for breast
cancer, and while it's not on my list of most fun things to do, they
have some excellent meds out now that help minimize side effects for
most folks. And if those don't work, acupuncture can do amazing things.
Please know that you and your husband will be in my prayers. Love, Joicy

BesTom@AOL.COM wrote:
> Hi all.  We have to make some agonizing decisions about whether to get chemo
> at Sloan K for my husband's grim diagnosis or someplace else or anything
> else.  We have a consult at Dana Farber next week with the chief of Thoracic
> Oncology there.  In the meantime, my irrepressible friend in San Francisco
> keeps sending me jokes and funny lines.  I particularly liked this batch and
> am sending them to you in the hope that it will give a much needed laugh to
> one and all.  Cheers.  Bess
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