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[MOL] Thoughts about today...

We have 24 hours today.  We spend 16 of it making decisions.

We can love and be loved today, but we can't "loved" this day.
	Our choice: we can love today or regret that we didn't love 
yesterday, or worry that we won't love or be loved tomorrow; but while we do 
this we can't love or be loving.

We can give or accept today, be we can't "gave" or "accepted" today.
	Our choice: we can give and accept or today or regret that we didn't 
do this yesterday, or worry that we won't tomorrow; but at the sacrifice of 
giving or receiving today.

And so it goes with hope, faith, etc. We can replace them with regret or we 
can fix our mistakes by living just today and spending our 16 hours deciding 
to love, to hope, to live, to give, to be free, to believe...no one has ever 
regretted that.

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