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Re: [MOL] Gwen

Thank you Julie for letting us know how your mom's surgery went. She
should feel much better in a few days. We hope and pray that the news
will be good. 

> Gwen Kouts wrote:
> Hi everyone.
>  My moms surgery went pretty fast yesterday.  11/2 hours instead of
> 2.  The reconstruction was the normal amount of time and recovery took
> a little longer.  When Dad, Amie, and I finally got to see her though
> she seemed better than our grandmother ever did after that surgery.
> She would say she hurt and then she would go back to sleep.   We don't
> know the status one the cancer yet.....  Hopefully sometime this week
> we will get news--good news!!!  Take care everyone.  God Bless
> You.
> Julie
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