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[MOL] Misinterpretation of a Message I had posted

Good Morning My Friends,

I recently posted a long message about the experiences we, my Barb and I
have had with long treatments of chemotherapy and thereby suggesting
that we look into some of the therapies that are out of mainstream
conventional therapy. It was merely a message to share with all and not
to imply or impose our will on others. I have received a message that
suggests that my message was in that context. I wish to apologize if my
message or messages every imply or advise or suggest that its best to
seek other therapies other than conventional or alternative, for we
believe in both and as I have mentioned, that it is my opinion that when
utilized in combination provides longer quality life. That is my
opinion. HOwever, my message articulated, that it may been out of
context that alternative be best suited for all alone. That is not what
I believe, but seemed to be misintrepreted or not articulated in that
fashion. I hope and pray that it was meant to read as an experience and
information message and not to imply otherwise. So please do forgive me.
I wish but merely to post messages of experience and messages that are
informational in any and for every facet of wellness, including the
benefits, or lack of in  both conventional and
alternative/supplemental/complimentary therapies. I am still learning
and we are very hopeful. I hope that when I do post it will be taken in
"loving" and "caring" concept and never to imply otherwise.

God Bless,
marty auslander
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