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RE: [MOL] an Eskimo Legend


Thank you so much. Knowing that people like you, truly care,  make such a 
big difference to me. I love your poem, and I plan to print and hang on my 
office wall where I can read it 100 times a day. Again, thanks so much for 
being so thoughtful.


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Hello everyone!
I've been trying to catch up on all the happenings lately, and just reading 
from the wings. But I want to express my sincerest sympathy and heartfelt 
sorrow at the losses of all the loved ones recently; Nisi, Linda, Diana, 
Sandy, and anyone else whom I may have missed.  You are all in my prayers 
for the difficult days you face, and the pain you must feel.  Just wanted 
to pass along something I found in hopes it may bring a happy thought in 
your difficult times...
All my love & prayers,

Perhaps they are not the stars,
but rather openings in Heaven,
where the love of our lost ones pours through
and shines down upon us,
to let us know they are happy.
--Inspired by an Eskimo legend

A look at the stars, the touch of a hand...
You are wished whatever comforts you.
You are wished what brings peace to your heart.

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