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[MOL] Au revoir

Darest Angel Molers - just wanted you to know that I am headed back to
the IAT clinic today till the end of July - I am being picked up in less
than an hour and have to get ready yet, and there are over 200 messages
which I am unable to read - the last couple of days have been really
hectic and I did not get a chance to get on email.  I would really
appreciate if any of my dear friends on Molers would keep me up to date
on special goings on...if anyone wants to write to me  address is c/o
IAT Clinic  POB 22579  Ft Lauderdale   FL 33335.  Would love to hear
from you.  Hope Kathy C is back home from the hospital and doing well.
Sweet PJ welcome back...Marty my prayers are with you and Barb as you
make your decisions.  Gwen I prayed that your surgery went well
I must run - I will have no 'puter access at IAT.  I'll miss you all.
You will be in my thoughts and prayers - please keep in your prayers too
and hope this time my numbers tabilize down there.  Please keep in touch
and please keep specail news for me...back in touch soon.  Love to all.

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